• The front house. 10 of 6 person.

  • 10 person hottub at the front house

  • the behind house 4 person

  • Jacuzzi at the behind house

3 holiday homes

Welcome at de Opkikker

2 holiday homes in Giethoorn and 1 in Havelte.

Extensive information and photos under the buttons of the specific houses.


Space, peace, quiet and centrally located.

1. The front house 6 or 10 person, in the living area of the farm. This group accommodation can be rented as a 10-person house or as a 6-person house. In the spacious garden is a 10-person hot tub (extra charge).

2. The behind house 4 person holiday home in the old cow barn. In the 'inner garden' there is a jacuzzi (extra charge).

Each vacation house has a fire pit in the garden with a tripod BBQ and a covered sitting area with a stove.

The holiday homes are completely separated from each other. You don't see or hear each other. It is not possible to combine the houses with each other to come with a larger group.

Pets are not allowed.

We (Olaf and Carmen) live in the barn next to the farm and are always available for questions.

HAVELTE 2 -4 person

3. OOur chalet is located on the quiet camping site 'De Klaverkampen' on the edge of the beach of the swimming pond. The park is in the forest. In the area endless beautiful forest, moors and fens. It is surprisingly spacious for a chalet.

The children's bedroom is only accessible through the master bedroom. This house is therefore only suitable for 2 adults or a family.

Pets are not allowed.

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Everything for a nice weekend away or a wonderful holiday